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Starting a New Business: Buy Restaurant Supplies

A restaurant is a business that needs a good flow of food supplies and equipment to be used in order to run if properly. In order to start a good restaurant you need to have great equipment to go with it as well. Equipment is a huge part of the supplies needed in order to run a good restaurant. But the price of brand new equipment is so high that new restaurants would have a hard time buying everything. That is why new restaurants are advised to mix up new and used equipments to properly go with the starting budget. There are equipments that need to be brand new and a few that can be used.

  1. Brand New – As a part of the newly finished restaurant, you need to have specifically brand new things. This would include some really important equipment for starting a restaurant.


Refrigeration – As much as people want to think about restaurant supplies being properly handled, it never does happen. Restaurants are a daily place in which people just move so fast that equipments wouldn’t be properly maintained. That is why when a new restaurant is planned to get opened it needs to have brand new refrigeration. Refrigeration is the most important part of the restaurant, when this goes down everything goes down as well. This keeps all the restaurant food supplies and would definitely be a huge blow if something happens to it.


Ovens – A brand new restaurant needs to have a brand new set of ovens and counter top stoves. This is to ensure that no food is going to get delayed if any of the ovens breakdown.


Plates- New ceramic plates should be bought in order to cater people that will visit the restaurant. Due to health purposes, using used plates for a new restaurant is simply not a good idea.


Utensils and Linen – This comes down to knives, spoon and forks and everything that is being used by the restaurant whether it is in the kitchen or the dining table. It is also advisable to buy brand new linen for restaurants to use on chairs and tables, especially table napkins. 

  1. Used – This would be items that would be okay to use even if they are pre-loved.

Stainless Steel Flatware – Flat wares that are used as trays for serving and corner table trays.


Pizza Pans – Used pizza pans can be easily bought from the internet for more than half the original brand new price.

Baking Sheets – Sheets that are used in baking can also be bought pre-loved. The heat of the oven that these sheets will be spending most of their time are scorching hot, which would eliminate any bacteria from previous use.

A good restaurant should always have connections in getting their daily fresh produce. Many of the restaurants today have farmers that bring them daily food supplies. Buying from farmer’s markets not only heightens the value of the end product, it also attracts people that want to eat healthy. Fish and poultry are best bought from markets that sell them. Never go for restaurant depots if finding a good farmer source is possible.